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Mon - Fri | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Why Certify?

Your annual certification includes several benefits:

National Database Inclusion

Minority-owned suppliers are listed in the national MSDC database of suppliers accessible by all corporate members.

Networking Events

Over 20 Buyer-Seller sponsored networking events each year.

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair - CBOF

Reduced fees to attend CBOF, the first and largest, local procurement conference promoting minority suppliers and public and private-sector buying organizations.

ChicagoMSDC Magazine

The Council’s private magazine for supplier diversity news featuring minority businesses and major purchasers.

MBE-to-MBE Exchange

Certified MBEs receive FREE access to a full day of insights, discussion and opportunities to collaborate, buy, and/or sell with fellow MBEs in greater Chicagoland area

Match Making

Qualified, certified MBEs are invited to various corporate 1-on-1 matching events and exclusive corporate matching programs each year.

Reciprocal Certification Agreements

ChicagoMSDC certification is recognized as the Gold Standard for minority business enterprise certification. Receiving additional recognition from government agencies can be expedited.

Annual Fees

Recertification Application

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