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Open Hours:

Mon - Fri | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Why Certify?

Your annual certification includes several benefits:

National Database Inclusion

Minority-owned suppliers are listed in the national MSDC database of suppliers accessible by all corporate members.

Networking Events

Over 20 Buyer-Seller sponsored networking events each year.

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair - CBOF

Reduced fees to attend CBOF, the first and largest, local procurement conference promoting minority suppliers and public and private-sector buying organizations.

MBE-to-MBE Exchange

Certified MBEs receive FREE access to a full day of insights, discussion and opportunities to collaborate, buy, and/or sell with fellow MBEs in greater Chicagoland area

Match Making

Qualified, certified MBEs are invited to various corporate 1-on-1 matching events and exclusive corporate matching programs each year.

Certification Application

Recertification Application

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