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Our Committee: MBEIC


The Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) is a group of our certified minority business enterprise representatives who provide counsel and recommendations so that programs and projects implemented by ChicagoMSDC are relevant and supportive of minority business development. The committee, led exclusively by certified minority business enterprises, has an initiative to hold local, state, and federal agencies, and prime contractors accountable for enforcement of existing laws and diversity practices with procurement processes.


Each year, the MBEIC Sharing Success Awards recognize outstanding individuals and corporations who, through procurement and advocacy, have kept supplier diversity at the forefront of America’s business scene. This is also an opportunity to salute the success of minority business enterprises (MBEs) who have defied the odds and built firms that contribute to the national economy thorough job creation and community development. These firms represent all spheres of business and industry. They are manufacturers, distributors, and service firms. All of our honorees have one trait in common and that is the commitment to hard work and community service. These awards are presented in April at the annual Chicago Business Opportunity Fair (CBOF). Click to download the nomination form.


The purpose and mission of the National Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (NMBEIC) is to work in conjunction with the National Office and affiliated councils of the NMSDC to provide advice and input regarding the programs operating under the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) in the furtherance of its goals to enhance minority economic development and to conduct council approved activities that the committee adopts in the furtherance that do not impair the 501(c) (3) tax exempt status of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

Stated simply – the MBEIC listens to the input of the constituents it represents and uses the information gathered to provide input in the form of suggestions to the national council staff as well as president and corporate constituent committees which they will evaluate for merit.

Conversely, the MBEIC takes suggestions from the afore-mentioned staff and committees and shares it with their minority business owner constituents.

Additionally the national leadership provides coaching and best practices models for the respective council MBEIC chairs to take back and implement (if appropriate) in their respective council.