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Illinois Coronavirus Response and Relief Program


The Illinois Coronavirus Response and Relief Program is designed to support minority owned businesses in rural and economically distressed communities.


Covid Relief Resources - Federal

The current administration’s focus on the Coronavirus and its effect on small and minority owned companies has led to the creation of the Coronavirus Response and Relief program. It is critical that the program is available for as many minority owned businesses as possible in economically distressed areas and rural communities.  Local and federal government resources shared will provide minority businesses with the tools to respond to and survive the economic impact of Covid-19 and put in place best practices that will allow businesses and organizations to continue operations through potential future business disruptions.

Please click the links below to access Coronavirus Relief Resources.

Covid Relief Resources - State of Illinois

Covid Relief Resources - Illinois Counties

Additional Covid Relief Resources

To connect with the Coronavirus Response & Relief Program team, please click on this LINK and submit your information.
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