Turning Change into Progress

Dev Sanyal

Tis the season to turn change into progress. Leading the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council through a year of challenge and change, ups and downs and highs and lows was a feat, but with your stalwart support I am pleased to say ChicagoMSDC continues to flourish.

As I look forward to 2016, I am reminded that each day, each month and each year brings a new opportunity for growth, development and enrichment. 

Our partnership with The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) of the US Department of Commerce brought tremendous value to our corporate members and the minority business community. Council collaborations with IHCC, WBDC, CBA, the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, PACE, METRA, Cook County, PTACs and a host of other outreach agencies and business advocates was business critical to the growth and development of our communities. We heard you and we sought to make your path forward more efficient and seamless. We embraced the opportunity to “Renew, Revamp and Accelerate” throughout 2015 as we sought to be a more strategic partner to all stakeholders. 

We made a difference. You made a difference. We made an impact on this economy. ChicagoMSDC certified MBEs employed more than 96,000 workers and contributed billions of dollars to this economy! Our economic impact is significant and yet, it’s not enough. There’s more work to be done. 

The time is now. Add the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council to your new year’s resolutions. Make the Council’s mission your mission. Make our goals your goals. And make our commitment to build stronger, more viable, sustainable minority businesses your commitment too! 

We need you and our economy needs you. Increase your council participation in 2016. Acquaint yourself with our board members. Get to know members of the MBEIC Committee. Become a client of the MBDA Business Center. Join a council committee. Participate in networking sessions. Meet the ChicagoMSDC staff or simply reach out and talk to us, get to know us and allow us to help support your efforts as you maneuver along your business path. We are your partners in growth and we are your team! Your ChicagoMSDC is poised and ready to meet the needs of your customers. We are eager to assist. 

What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year. Let’s work together to make 2016 a year full of opportunity and growth for diverse suppliers! The possibilities are endless! 

Happy Holidays! 

Shelia Morgan 

President & CEO ChicagoMSDC