NMSDC Network Advocates on Capitol Hill


The ChicagoMSDC joins NMSDC affiliates and national leadership in Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of minority suppliers and the government agencies that support minority business growth and development.

On April 26, 2017, the ChicagoMSDC joined the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) for an important Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. The overall goal of Advocacy Day was to ensure equivalent opportunities for minority businesses in federal entrepreneurship policies and contracting, as well as amplify NMSDC’s thought leadership stance in advocating for minority business growth and development.

The Advocacy Day focused on the activities and communications needed to provide legislators with informative data and statistics that reflect the value their network delivers. This strategy is designed to ensure that government officials are well-informed on NMSDC’s value to national corporate members, certified MBEs, and the American economy.

According to President Joset Wright-Lacy of NMSDC, “We want to establish NMSDC’s authority as the go-to resource for comprehensive information and advice concerning policies, regulations, and legislation concerning minority-owned businesses. NMSDC also urges the Trump Administration and Congress to fully enforce existing federal rules concerning MBE diversity and inclusion for direct and federally assisted contracting.”

The overall impact of MBEs on the US economy is over $400 billion dollars, which results in creation and preservation of more than 2.2 million jobs held by minority executives. NMSDC’s Advocacy Day aims to shed more light on the great impact MBEs have upon our nation’s economic growth.  

The network representatives collectively sought to enlighten federal policymakers and influencers. NMSDC’s minority supplier development policies and strategies are synonymous with best practices and are key tools for growing mature minority businesses of scale and size across all industry sectors.