Corporate Value Proposition

Value Proposition for NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC Corporate Membership

The Top 10:

  1. Utilization of NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC certified MBEs saves corporate members money and provide a diversity of thought that translate into greater revenues, operating efficiencies and profits.
  2. The NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC is the premier national organization of corporations interested in promoting minority supplier diversity, developing corporate supplier diversity programs and certifying minority businesses. The NMSDC has 4,000 corporate members nationally.
  3. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC membership allows you to tap into the most accurate up-to-date database of certified minority businesses in the country. The NMSDC has 15,000 certified MBEs nationally. This list also helps you identify SDBs and DBEs for federal and state government contracts.
  4. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC membership entitles you to numerous programs and activities that can assist your procurement and supplier diversity team identify certified minority businesses in all industries and sectors, including the Corporate Supply Chain Integration Program and Corporate Supplier Enhancement Program.
  5. The NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC (and the 24 other regional affiliates) have full time professional staffs to assist corporate members accomplish their supplier diversity goals.
  6. The NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC can train and assist in the training of corporate procurement professionals.
  7. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC membership allows your company to participate in industry specific activities that allow you to benchmark best practices in supplier diversity.
  8. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC can help corporate members connect to minority communities, benefiting from a public relations/political perspective, a human resources perspective as well as market perspective. Minority populations and the number of minority businesses are growing substantially faster than non-minority populations and non-minority businesses and by 2050 the United States is projected to be a majority-minority country.
  9. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC corporate members have access to one of the most powerful quarterly e-newsletters on supplier diversity to advertise at no cost opportunities or simply to share good news with the network.
  10. NMSDC/ChicagoMSDC corporate membership allows corporate representatives to take a leadership role in the management of the Council and to develop leadership skills that will benefit their respective corporate employers.